The Team

Bright Future Foundation is headed by Jasmin Chew. It was founded following a trip to Malawi. She has recently finished her third year of university and hopes to follow her dream of working in the developing world to administer the Foundation and teach English as a foreign language.

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Having the privilege of free education herself, Jasmin understands how knowledge sets you free from poverty. A wealth of knowledge can protect and promote nutrition, health and social issues.

Doreen works in childcare and receives £40 per month, whilst working 50 hours per week. In addition to this Doreen has to walk 3 and a half hours to and from her place of work.This £40 pays for her nieces education and feeds and supports 7 other members of her family.

Vincent and Ken are both cooks at a university in Malawi, they realise how important education is for people in their situation, they decided to write a short story on how important understanding nutrition is. The book challenges food myths and witchcraft which are common throughout countries in Africa. It also promotes free readily available food such as field mice and grasshoppers.